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At-Home workout. No gym and no equipment? No more excuses!

During the isolation, I started to share Livestream workouts with friends and colleagues, a great way to stay motivated during the tough times.
Lunch break can be the best time of the day for a home workout.

My midday fitness routine is a special occasion to boost both body and brain.

Routine: 45 min - mid-day

One of Michela’ s favourite routine ( no gym - no equipment necessaries )
15/20 seconds rest between exercises.
5 rounds in total
- 10 Jumping squat
- 10 Push-ups
- 10 Squat steps
- 10 Split squat
- 10 Flutter kicks
- 1 min plank
- 10 Hip thrust
- 10 Burpees
- 30 sec side plank per side

Be sure to warm-up and cool down peeps!



This workout is not intended to replace professional personal trainers routines. Practice according to your physical condition.
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