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Founded in Sydney, Australia, White Artica is dedicated to crafting activewear that empowers women to excel without boundaries. Our brand offers a range of stylish, functional workout apparel that's perfect for any exercise, from yoga to intense gym sessions. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality activewear and deliver the best shopping experience by helping them to express their style and not just buy activewear.

Our journey began with the love of a healthy living, the daily sweaty workouts, and the enhancing life through fitness.

We aim to provide the best quality for athletic apparel and to foster a community where everyone can be the inspiration for the others.

As a fitness-focused brand, we understand the importance of achieving your fitness goals while looking effortlessly stylish.

Whether you need a cute set or a high-performance gear to help you stand out at the gym, our collection features must-have gym wears that every woman needs.

White Artica brand draws inspiration from the minimal atmospheres of the arctic environment blended with fierce and natural shapes. Following this visual symbolism, we encourage women to harness their inner fierceness and channel it into living an up and running life.

We are one of the activewear brand in Australia with a sharp eye for the next thing in fashion. In and out of the gym, at home or on the go, our collection builds the bridge between your gym life and every other part of your life without sacrificing comfort.

Michela, the founder and creative director of the brand, is an Italian fashion designer who is passionate about healthy living and designs activewear that motivates women to push their limits..

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Our mission at White Artica is to elevate the quality of life for our followers by creating a global community centered around well-being and active living. We are dedicated to forging authentic connections and fostering a space where individuals can share their stories and experiences, sparking ideas and inspiration for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

We empower our community to reach their full potential by offering the essential tools and support needed to achieve personal goals. Our commitment to promoting an active lifestyle is more than just a passion—it's a way of life.

Join us at White Artica, where inspiration meets aspiration, and every individual has the opportunity to thrive.


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White Artica is inspired by the serene yet striking Arctic environment, merging minimalist atmospheres with dynamic, feminine designs. We prioritise quality over quantity, embodying a fitness-oriented philosophy while understanding the importance of both functional training gear and feeling fabulous in your attire.

Our products adhere to high standards that reflect our core values: quality, fun, and trendiness. Every style in our collection is meticulously crafted to align with these principles.
Our mission is to outfit women for their daily fitness routines, providing comfortable and fashionable gym wear that transitions effortlessly from workout to casual wear. Our activewear is made from superior materials, designed to be versatile and stylish, enabling a seamless shift from gym to everyday life.

At White Artica, we innovate activewear that caters to the evolving needs of women. By leading the way in functionality, fabric quality, cuts, and contemporary fashion, we deliver exceptional pieces that empower her to feel fierce, stylish, and distinctly feminine.