Deep core muscles. Home-workout for beginners

Deep core muscles. Home-workout for beginners

Before getting into this fantastic workout designed by Kristine, let's start with a brief introduction to her training method and practices.

How is Pilates different to yoga?  
Yoga comes from an ancient practice and has a range of different approaches. You may be familiar with names like hatha, vinyasa, or ashtanga yoga. However, Pilates is a system of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates to incorporate a specific set of principles to guide our practice.
Pilates practitioners teach you the importance of breath, centring, coordination, balance, alignment and flow. The body’s core muscles, the “Pilates Powerhouse” stabilises and drives healthy movements. 
Both yoga and Pilates are practices to change how you breathe, move, and live - on and off the mat.

Why do you recommend starting a Pilates workout, and what makes your teaching style unique?  
I recommend starting a Pilates practise because Pilates teaches you the foundations of healthy movement. Pilates is for all bodies and welcomes everyone to discover the power of the mind/body connection. This is the key to supporting physical and mental health.
I draw upon a very diverse movement background to support my teaching style! I had many years of dance training in my youth and also have trained in numerous fitness styles. I love to explore movement, challenge my body and, of course, have fun! My favourite challenges are planks or balance workouts.

Do we need special equipment to follow your online workouts?  
I love to use props in my workouts! The helpful equipment I recommend is a mat, small weights, a Pilates (small) ball or Swiss ball, resistance bands, a foam roller, and a magic circle. You don’t need all this equipment, but building a little collection will keep your workouts challenging and exciting. I also give recommendations for household items you can use as a substitute for this equipment any time I can. Towels, pillows, and chairs make great props, too!

Is your passion for body and mind wellness the reason why you decided to become a Pilates instructor?  
Absolutely. In my full-time career, I teach and research in psychology. My studies have taught me that our modern lifestyles detach us so much from this most important connection we need to have within ourselves. I believe Pilates is an essential practice for making this connection, and my passion is for spreading this message.

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Dr Kristine is a university professor and Pilates instructor from Las Vegas, NV, USA. Kristine shares her Pilates workouts and inspiration on the Instagram page @mat.pilates, as well as the YouTube channel ‘Move with Kristine.’ A website is in the works; follow her for the latest updates.

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