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Show your flexibility (and style!) in your next Pilates class

Our very first story starts sharing Charell' passion for helping people to achieve health and fitness goals through personal training, Pilates and outdoor training.
Let's discover how an active lifestyle plays an important role in Charell' motivation and her wellness journey.



Why do you think it's important to have a balanced healthy life?
I've personally experienced burn out in the industry before, so place huge importance on finding that balance between work, exercise and time to rejuvenate.


What drives you to pursue in exercising?
My physical health is of great importance to me after numerous injuries and surgeries. Our body is injury prone without ensuring we are physically strong from the inside out.


How do you include the workout in your daily life?
I always program exercise into my day prior to my clients. I generally start with a spin session, followed by mobility work, pilates and strength work.
Depending on what my body requires on the day, it might  be just a Spin session and fascia mobility work, or Spin with pilates and strength work.


Why are you passionate about teaching pilates?
The human body is very fragile and prone to pain and injuries without the deep stabilisers supporting the joints, as they are intended to do. Pilates teaches you how to strengthen from the inside out, builds stability, flexibility, breathing and control through movement.
After several back surgeries, Pilates has been the key to my full restoration.


When did you decide to become an instructor?
My love for training and restoration to full strength post 6 years I was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome brought me to become an instructor.


How has teaching pilates affected your life?
It has been life-changing. It's the key to everyone's ability to improve posture, move correctly, jump and play sport efficiently.


What elements of pilates are you excited to teach, and why?
I love teaching my private clients in my studio on the reformer and stability chair. It's such a magical way to move with control. I also love teaching reformer and mat pilates to a group due to the life-changing results it presents.


What makes your teaching style unique?
My passion and 22 years of teaching, my history, my personality brings a uniquely informative, memorable approach to my studio work and classes.


What aspects of working on a project do you love most?
The thought process, the ability to create, the ability to succeed, the opportunity to create life-changing moments.




Charell offers full-body workouts programs, incorporating cardio, strength, core and functional training.
The services include 1 on 1, private or group teaching, functional strength and mobility sessions either online or in her Pilates Studio. Remedial massage service is also available.
All fitness levels are welcome: from the elite athlete, experienced exerciser to the novice exerciser.
Ask Charell for a consultation.
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