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Smart training routine for better results

Today we are introducing Lia.
Lia is a mobile personal trainer based in Sydney, and she can help you to start your journey to your body transformation.
This inspiring article will help get you motivated to get up and start pushing your limits!



Why do you think it's important to have a balanced healthy life?
Balance is the key to everything you do. The thing is, none of us can do it all. We all have the same 24hrs in a day and all we can do is prioritise what’s most important, and better manage the time. I always start my day with a TO DO LIST and always make time for friends exercise, and nature and those are the things that make me happy. 


What drives you to pursue in exercising? 
I've always had a natural enthusiasm for life and had an encouraging nature and passion for helping others. 
I’ve always been athletic, so luckily it was a dream come true deciding to follow this path.


How do you include the workout in your daily life? 
I always make sure to fit in a 7k run. It's handy because you don’t need any equipment, it doesn’t cost anything and you can do it anywhere. 
I’m on the go with work so its a habit I can fit into my day. 


Why are you passionate about coaching?
I’m passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Through my coaching, I design for my clients a sustainable plan to get results and I teach them how to have a healthy life balance. I love all of the amazing relationships I’ve made throughout the years, it’s a very rewarding job. 


When did you decide to become an instructor? 
I decided I wanted to be a personal trainer while I was studying design at uni. There were a few good solid weeks that I was stuck doing assignments and I couldn’t fit in any exercise. And I realised that health and fitness was my true passion. 


How to be a personal trainer affected your life?
Being a personal trainer has affected my life. You start very early and you finish late so it can make me a little antisocial sometimes. I also prefer to feel good, so I don’t really drink very often. I kind of feel more motivated and balanced that way. 


What elements of fitness are you excited to teach, and why? 
I love teaching boxing because it’s a skill you develop over time and it’s lots of fun. It kind of takes your mind of that your exercising and makes you have to think. 


What makes your teaching style unique?
I would say I’m very personal and I can connect with different personality types. My sessions usually have great energy and a fun vibe. 


What aspects of working on a project do you love most? 
With any project you do in life you have to plan and you have to have a goal. I love to plan and I love a goal. 




Lia' clientele is mainly private clients and corporate groups. 
She also organises an online 21-day challenge and 30-day challenge which runs twice a can't miss it out!
To get in touch with Lia, take a look at 
Instagram @fitmejones 
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